The beautiful beaches are a dime a dozen in Southwest Florida. However, one that is often overlooked for its charm and beauty is Nokomis Beach. Nokomis, FL sits just north of Venice and south of Osprey. The town harbors a historic and pristine beach in Nokomis Beach; a 22 acre beach park that attracts people from all across the country. While some tourists visit the beach, it is a very quiet local beach with little interruption throughout the year. Nokomis Beach runs into North Jetty Park, right next to the intercoastal waterway. There is so much to do on the water during sunsets and beautiful days.

The geography has unique features, as well. Anywhere west of S. Tamianai Trail is virtually overlooking the water. The area is a hot spot for locals to…

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There is a reason thousands flock to sunny South Florida each and every year. Beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and incredible real estate. If you're thinking of making the jump to Florida to buy property, there's a few things you must know.

Do you research and seek out a licensed Florida Realtor. This is a significant first step in the buying process. Especially being new to not only the state, but the country itself, this is a pivotal step to ensure that you have absolutely everything you need for a successful purchase and transition.

A licensed Realtor will provide you with a birds-eye view of the real estate market in your desired area. It is pivotal that you work with them to browse the market. Being new to the state, no one…

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Southwest Florida is a mecca for beautiful waterfront homes. Homes on the water will forever be one of the most popular types of properties for aspiring home owners. The amazing scenery and idyllic locations make these properties high in demand. When you start your search for waterfront homes, you want to make sure you are asking the right questions with your Realtor. There are a slew of different factors a waterfront property purchase entails. As a home buyer, make sure the right steps are being taken when on the hunt.

First off, a potential buyer should know exactly what they're are buying. The term “waterfront” can mean a variety of different things depending on the geographical location you reside. Aqueducts, reservoirs, lakes, ponds,…

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After a strange couple of years, the end of 2022 has been showing some significant promise in the real estate market in Southwest Florida and we couldn't be more excited. It is no secret that buying a home is one of the best financial investments one can make. Not only for a primary residence, either, but for purchasing a second home for passive rental income, as well. Some folks that have had a rough couple of years could strongly benefit from this. Others who have been financially unchanged can also benefit. Those who wisely invest in the real estate market often come out on top. The extra money per month isn’t the only positive trait of investment properties either. There are an abundance of reasons purchasing a second income is a great move to…

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We have some good news, folks! Don't feel like spending the entire day in the kitchen this Thanksgiving? No worries. Sarasota has many restaurants around town that are opening their doors and prepping their kitchens for those who just don't feel exactly like Gordon Ramsay this year.

Columbia Restaurant 

The ever-so-famous Columbia. A true masterpiece and s staple in Southwest Florida. Columbia Restaurant in St. Armand’s Circle will offer a holiday meal with a Cuban twist. Their meal includes a 12-pound whole Vermont turkey, Columbia’s special sausage and ground beef stuffing, “1905” Salad®, Cuban bread, potatoes and key lime pie for dessert.

Please call 941-388-3987 for pickup.

Duval's Fresh. Local. Seafood. 

Duval’s is one of a…

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Bird Key is one of those places where luxury meets simplicity. Boasting beautiful homes, and lavish parks, it is the perfect spot to take in the most scenic views in Southwest Florida.

Bird Key has an amazing history full of vibrant stories and culture dating back to 1917 when the very first home was built. Like many areas and islands in the area, John Ringling purchased this island just a few years later and started building it up to what it eventually is today.

The scenic key is directly situated in the heart of Sarasota Bay, while it’s breathtaking 250 acre Key is the hottest, most exclusive community in the entire County. Nestled right off the John Ringling Causeway bridge, Bird key is perfectly located with easy access to downtown Sarasota,…

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Golf course communities are a perennial luxury attracting thousands of people per year to Southwest Florida.  While many of us enjoy catching rays and relaxing on the green, that's not all they're for. These luxurious communities are an incredible area to raise families in Southwest Florida. There are millions of people across the United States living in a SFR, apartment, condo or townhome in a common urban or suburban neighborhood. There are however, a growing amount of Americans who are moving to golf course communities. But what exactly are the benefits of living there? Why are people flocking to Southwest Florida golf course communities in droves?

It's quite simple, really. Beauty and elegance is everywhere in Southwest Florida. Sarasota is…

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Southwest Florida attracts all walks of life from all across the globe--for good reason. The perpetual summer weathers and endless However, you may not have thought that one of those reasons is taking advantage of the breathtaking 55+ communities that outline much of Southwest Florida.

The Sarasota area is the idyllic if you're retired, the kids are all grown up, or you just want a change of scenery. The 55+ communities bring a simpler lifestyle. Maybe you want to get away from the hustle & bustle of your up and coming neighborhood. Maybe you just want to be around like-minded folks. These communities are popping up every day in Southwest Florida catering to those looking for the sunny Florida lifestyle.

The move into such a community is…

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Most of us have been curious as to what the value is of our own homes. Especially nowadays, when your home value more than likely has risen quite significantly since the beginning of 2022. You may even have input your homes' information on a "what's my home worth" calculator. Almost a quarter of U.S. homeowners use online home-value calculators to get a preliminary estimate of what their home may be worth. These online tools are called automated valuation models (AVM) . Millenials and Generation X'ers are the major players with the AVMs. However, these tools are rapidly being used by Boomers and others, especially in recent months due to home values increasing. There are a myriad of major players out there when it comes to AVM models, such as…

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With such cold winters and a daunting past couple of years, it is no wonder people are escaping harsh conditions to the land of sunshine and white sandy beaches. Thousands of people flock to sunny South Florida year after year during the summer to enjoy the beach, sun, and outdoors. This year is no different from the rest. Americans move to Florida ind droves. However, many don't think about how the summer can affect their new homes. Have you thought about what you’ll do with your home during the summertime? Weatherization for winter is the norm up north, but in Florida, we must make sure that our homes are safe from the stormy weather and the summer heat.

Sarasota during the summer is a beautiful place full of plentiful outdoor activities for you and…

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