How to best prepare your home for Summer

Posted by Andree Huffine, Sarasota Realtor on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022 at 5:02pm.


With such cold winters and a daunting past couple of years, it is no wonder people are escaping harsh conditions to the land of sunshine and white sandy beaches. Thousands of people flock to sunny South Florida year after year during the summer to enjoy the beach, sun, and outdoors. This year is no different from the rest. Americans move to Florida ind droves. However, many don't think about how the summer can affect their new homes. Have you thought about what you’ll do with your home during the summertime? Weatherization for winter is the norm up north, but in Florida, we must make sure that our homes are safe from the stormy weather and the summer heat.

Sarasota during the summer is a beautiful place full of plentiful outdoor activities for you and your family. Keep in mind, even with pristine weather year-round, Florida is no stranger to rainstorms. Always ensure your windows are tightly sealed to weather strong winds and rain. Hurricane proof windows aren't becoming popular due to their strong storm resistant nature, but people are just loving the style. And that's not the only part of your home that can be both storm proof and stylish.

It may be common to decorate your mailbox, front yard decorations, or even items in your garden. But what about something that you may overlook? Let's say, your front door. Make sure that your doors are looking as fresh as they can be for the summertime! Make sure the front door is freshly painted. Try an accent color to switch it up. Have some fun with it. More importantly, similar to the windows, make sure that your doors are tightly sealed, as rain can have some impact on doors, as well.

Last but certainly not least: Landscaping. This is not only a fun component to keeping your home tidy, but a necessity in many areas. Many homes in Sarasota have amazingly beautiful trees. Flush with foliage and nature. Though sometimes they may be a bit overwhelming. You never want to have too many trees cluttering your yard. You don't want to let nature block the view of your beautiful Florida home. Hire professionals to trim trees or foliage, and remove any unwanted obstructions so neighbors can see your home during the sunny days of summer!


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