Moving during the holidays is never the ideal situation. If you live in Florida, we know this is when the season is in full swing. Everyone from up north is coming down to escape the cold. The roads are packed. The stores are bustling. However, buying a new home during the holiday season actually has many perks.

1. Significantly less saturation – Don't entertain the fake notion that there are significantly fewer homes available during the holiday season. Homes are always available in Southwest Florida. It's just a matter of taking the time to search. Many people do avoid buying homes during the season because of the holiday festivities. However, that makes it an absolutely ideal situation for you to step up and take the reins on the hunt.

2. Motivated Sellers – People who have their house on the market at the end of the year more often than not, are really pushing to get it sold before year-end. They don't want to have their house lingering on the market or struggling to sell it during the holidays. Would you? Absolutely not. Take this as a gift and know that many sellers are willing to generously negotiate to get their home sold quickly.

3. Historically Lower Prices – December historically has lower home prices than any other month, due in part to the reasons listed above. We are just several weeks away from December and now is the ideal time to pounce. Do your research and see what is out there and what meets your needs. Of course, you do not want to make an ill-advised decision or be too quick to jump the gun. Just know that you're in an ideal time to buy if the deal is right for you.

4. Close Faster – As stated above, the sellers want the house to be sold before year-ends, more often than not. But they're not the only one's that want this done quickly. The real estate agents involved, the bank, mortgage company, title, etc., all want you to be comfy in your home before the end of the year-- before they sit down for holiday dinner with their family. No one wants to work more than need be during this time. Make sure you don't have to either!

5. Lower Interest Rates –  The average on a 30-year-fixed interest rate still hovers around 5%. That is still fairly low historically speaking. Of course, as per the norm, the rate will slowly keep going up. That is completely normal with a strong economy. This only compliments the notion that trying to settle into your new home before 2019 is key.

6.  Holiday sales – Black Friday, anyone? Holiday sales are everywhere. Do you need new furniture? New flooring? Whatever it is, there is a deal for that. Hence, why stores are booming during the holiday season. Get in quick. Know what you need and take advantage of low prices on homes and everything to go with it.

Posted by Andree Huffine, Sarasota Realtor on
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