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Have you ever been personally and financially ready to pull he trigger on buying a home, yet were hesitant because of outside factors such as the economic and housing market outlook? You’re not alone. Thousands of people across the country every year are renew their lease and continue shredding dollars renting because there are outside forces delaying their buying process.


There are a lot of factors that affect the housing market such as inflation, economic woes, etc. However, the fall elections and 2020 Presidential elections are on people’s minds. Everyone’s eager to buy or sell at the right time and depending on who wins the next presidential and congressional elections in Washington could skyrocket or slightly hurt the housing market.…

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Don't feel like slaving away in the kitchen this Thanksgiving? Not to worry--several restaurants around town are opening their kitchen doors for those who just don't feel like mirroring the Iron Chef all day.

The Ritz Carlton:1111 Ritz-Carlton Drive, Sarasota, 941-309-2000. If you want the best Dinner will be served buffet style in the grand ballroom from 11 AM-4 PM with live music and children’s activities too. This buffet-style Thanksgiving dinner will be sure to please. The meal plan wasn’t posted yet, but you can expect to be treated.

The Capital Grille: 180 University Town Center Drive, Sarasota, 941-256-3647. The Capital Grille just isn’t about their out of this world steak, they serve up a pretty delicious Thanksgiving dinner too. If…

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  If arts and cultural experiences are an important parts of your lifestyle, there isn't a better place to live than Sarasota Florida.  Named the "#1 Small City in the Nation for the Arts," Sarasota is the center of Florida’s arts and cultural scene.  With its performing arts theatres, the Sarasota Opera, the Sarasota Ballet, the Sarasota Orchestra and too many art galleries and museums to mention, Sarasota rivals the arts environments of many of the nation's biggest cities.

   The genesis of the arts in Sarasota began with John and Mable Ringling when, in 19 24, their first Sarasota project was construction of their magnificent 56-room Venetian Gothic mansion, the Cà d’Zan.  Mr. Ringling collected a significant number of European paintings and art…

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The 1st quarter of 2017 saw Sarasota Florida real estate continue to march closer and closer to a balanced market where the interests of buyers and sellers are in balance meaning neither buyers nor sellers have an advantage over the other. 

This more balanced market status follows the period in 2014 and 2015 when a shortage of inventory of available properties on the market meant prospective buyers faced what some called a "frenzy" of competing multiple offers sometimes above the asking price.

But, things changed in a positive way as 2016 ended and during the 1st quarter of 2017.  In Sarasota County, the inventory of properties for sale has risen to 5,135 up 15.7% over a year ago.  In Manatee County, the inventory of available properties rose to…

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In Sarasota, a reasonably-priced, recently-built condominium residence with outstanding amenities in an attractive location can be a difficult item to find.

But, the condominium residences at San Marco offer just that; unique; reasonably priced yet spacious residences, upscale facilities and amenities and a convenient location. Built in 2006 as one of the newer residential developments in Sarasota’s art district, the building’s exterior is reminiscent of its architectural namesake, the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy.  The first impression you get as you approach San Marco is the graceful arches and balustrades of its terraces and the unique interior walkways lined with plant boxes overflowing with shrubs and greenery.  

Located at 1188 North…

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Sarasota area real estate displayed a bit of an oddity in December, 2016 but at the same time, a positive for those considering buying a home or condo here during the winter months up North.  There was a big increase in condominium and townhome sales in both Sarasota and Manatee County compared to December 2015.  Sarasota County saw a 12.5% increase while Manatee County saw a 7.8%  increase. On the other hand, single-family sale closings were down from the rate in December last year. Sarasota County single-family home sales dropped  by 6.1%, while Manatee experienced an 8.2% decrease.

While real estate sales were posting mixed results as 2016 ended, we also saw a significant increase in the inventory of homes and condos available for sale in both…

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The number of homes and condos available for purchase in Sarasota and Manatee County continued to increase during October.  The number of properties for sale in October was up by  3.1% over September and up 17.5% over the same period last year.  With more properties on the market, the selection of properties available to prospective buyers gets wider and prices have a tendency to stabilize.  This is a good omen as we enter the period when people flock to Sarasota for the winter months, many of whom may decide to invest in a home or condo this season.

In Sarasota County the single-family home inventory increased by 15.7% to 2,787 while in Manatee County the inventory increased by 11.3% to 2,119.  The inventory of condominiums and townhomes increased by…

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One of Sarasota’s longest running music festivals, Giving Hunger the Blues comes to the waterfront grounds of the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall for its 20th anniversary this weekend.  The show features an impressive lineup of local standouts including blues, funk, rock, country, R&B, jazz and reggae bands.

Founded in 1966 by George Generoso, Giving Hunger the Blues has raised over $1.4 million to support its mission.  All proceeds from the festival now part of Sarasota County’s InspireSarasota program, benefit the Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota/Manatee County,  The Mayors’ Feed the Hungry program and the Generoso Foundation.

The festival includes six events over a two week period.  Following last week’s Giving Hunger the Blues Rocks! at…

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  From time to time, I like to introduce readers to a local neighborhood or community that may be of interest to those considering moving to the sunny Sarasota area. Laurel Meadows is just such a community.

  Located east of Interstate 75, Laurel Meadows, begun in 2000, was completely sold out by 2005 because it featured things a lot of families wanted, reasonably-priced homes on larger than usual lots in an attractive setting away from downtown traffic but yet convenient to everything one could want including access to all the Downtown Sarasota amenities and our wonderful beaches.

  In Laurel Meadows, three local builders, Vision Homes, Rinehart Homes and Larry Monaco Homes, offered a variety of three and four bedroom floorplans of Florida…

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Continuing the recent trend, the Sarasota - Manatee County real estate market is becoming more and more favorable to potential buyers as more homes and condos become available for purchase. At the end of April, the inventory of available single-family homes in Sarasota County increased by 8% and in Manatee County by 14.2% from this point last year. Similarly, Sarasota County condominium inventory has risen by 25.5% and Manatee County condo inventory is up by 19.8% from this time last year.

There were 4,256 properties for sale in Sarasota County and 3,060 for sale in Manatee County. The supply of homes and condos available for purchase in the two-county area remained in the range of 4.5 to 5.4-months’ inventory at the end of April compared to last…

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