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 Summertime in South Florida is one of the most joyous times of year anywhere in the world. Hundreds of thousands of tourists’ flock to Southwest Florida each and every year to bring their families for summer vacation. Americans are also uprooting their families and starting new lives here in the Sunshine State each day. If you’ve thought about moving here, have you thought about what you’ll do with your home during the summertime? Not only are there certain weatherizing tips that should be done during the summer season, but summer is a great time to have your home as beautiful as possible for the sunny days and passerbys.

 Make sure your windows are up to date. With the summer comes fun outdoor activities and the beach. However, sometimes we

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The Sarasota area has some of the most beautiful beaches around. It is a booming economic hub. It attracts thousands of tourists and families every year. One of the fastest-growing master-planned communities in the entire country, Lakewood Ranch (LWR) has economically boomed more than 1,500 businesses and 35,000 residents in a mere 25 years. 31,000 acres of restaurants, business centers, educational institutions, and quiet friendly neighborhoods that families have ben enjoying for well over two decades. Right now, LWR residents live in more than 20 individual “villages” and that number is growing by the year.

The draw to LWR is not only the great eats and businesses. If you went up to any LWR resident, they would tell you that the sense of

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Along Sarasota are a slew of barrier islands or “keys” that are full of beautiful scenery, wildlife, restaurants, bars, shops, beautiful white sand, crystal clear water, and much more. These keys attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Many locals flock to these areas as a staycation. They are the perfect spot for relaxing, enjoying the outdoors and even planting roots for you and your family.

Lido, St. Armands & Longboat

Of course, S t. Armand’s circle (if you’re unfamiliar with the name) is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the state of Florida. This giant luxurious round-a-bout is glistening in shops, restaurants, bars, boutique stores and hidden gems within. Not only is this a tourist attraction, but a perfect

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The term “luxury” was once used as a moniker for the 1%. It was to be looked at as virtually unachievable wealth. Today, term is not only held for the rich and the famous, but for those who appreciate the finest of living. Luxury is what you make it.  

Luxury real estate is defined differently across different markets which all hold different property values, median incomes, demographics and geographic layout. The luxury market here in Southwest Florida, for example, would be worlds different from the luxury market in Boise, ID. Of course, nothing against Boise, ID. After all, it is called the Gem State. However, we can’t expect the pricing to be the same, realistically.

Knowing how your market defines high-end housing or luxury properties

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Waterfront homes are undoubtedly one of the most alluring pieces of property one can buy. The breathtaking scenery and ideal locations make these properties a hot commodity. When you start your search for waterfront homes, you want to make sure you are asking the correct questions. There are a myriad of different elements a waterfront property purchase entails and you must make sure you cover your bases.

Know exactly what you are buying.

The term “waterfront” can mean a variety of different things depending on the geographical location you reside. Aqueducts, reservoirs, lakes, ponds, rivers, intercoastal waterways, and ocean front can all be deemed “waterfront” in Florida. You’d be surprised at how tricky wording can get within descriptions of

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Some foreclosures are declining across the country. According to reports that the number of homes in foreclosure dropped 3% in 2015 compared to the previous year. However, while foreclosures may be dropping in certain parts of the country, in some larger metropolitan cities, foreclosures account for a substantial amount of the market.

The reality is, that most people don't initially start out their home search sifting through foreclosures. Many home buyers don't know enough about them or maybe hold a stigma over them. The fact of the matter is, foreclosures are an absolute gold mine for investors or first-time buyers, especially. 

Just under 1 million homes in the U.S. are foreclosures according to Experian. "Florida has a statewide

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There are millions of people across the United States living in a SFR, apartment, condo or townhome in a common urban or suburban neighborhood. There are however, a growing small sub-sector of Americans who are moving to reside in golf course communities. But what are the pros of living in such a community? Again, the question applies: why are people flocking to south Florida golf course communities by the droves?

Some who may need to make an impression with clients, friends or family may find golf course homes to be the absolute perfect fit for them. it has all the elegance a home can offer in Southwest Florida. There are numerous high-class communities right here in the Sarasota area such as: The Concession, Founders, Lakewood Ranch, Laurel

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Moving during the holidays is never the ideal situation. If you live in Florida, we know this is when the season is in full swing. Everyone from up north is coming down to escape the cold. The roads are packed. The stores are bustling. However, buying a new home during the holiday season actually has many perks.

1. Significantly less saturation – Don't entertain the fake notion that there are significantly fewer homes available during the holiday season. Homes are always available in Southwest Florida. It's just a matter of taking the time to search. Many people do avoid buying homes during the season because of the holiday festivities. However, that makes it an absolutely ideal situation for you to step up and take the reins on the hunt.


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Have you ever been personally and financially ready to pull he trigger on buying a home, yet were hesitant because of outside factors such as the economic and housing market outlook? You’re not alone. Thousands of people across the country every year are renew their lease and continue shredding dollars renting because there are outside forces delaying their buying process.


There are a lot of factors that affect the housing market such as inflation, economic woes, etc. However, the fall elections and 2020 Presidential elections are on people’s minds. Everyone’s eager to buy or sell at the right time and depending on who wins the next presidential and congressional elections in Washington could skyrocket or slightly hurt the housing market.

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Southwest Florida, in particular Sarasota County, is a booming area of the Sunshine State that is becoming more and more popular by the day. But what is it about cities like Sarasota that are garnering all this glimmering attention?

Absolutely Perfect Weather: The one thing you can count on in Florida is consistently beautiful weather (yes, even with the very brief summer showers). Especially during the winter time in Southwest Florida, the temperature couldn’t be more beautiful. The year-round gorgeous weather leaves room for endless outdoor activities and beach excursions. Not a beach person? No problem. Even just hanging out and having a BBQ in your backyard in January is not exactly something you can fix to do up North, is it?

All the

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